General Export & Import Company (GEI)



GEI is one of the leading companies in the field of export and import in the Arab Republic of Egypt  and has a very influential and powerful sales force, relying on experienced sales and marketing team, we are absolutely sure that we are capable enough to sell and promote our high quality products, we have the best after sales service team which is responsible about (maintenance & spare parts). More


The Sole Agent of Spanish Symago Silos for Grain Storage



The Sole Agent of French FAO Conveying Systems for silos



The Sole agent of Consergra Spanish Co. Specialized in Distinct Manufacturing Chillers for grain stored in silos, Certificated to International Quality.





The Official distributor of Columbus McKinnon Industrial Products GmbH

(Yale – Germany / Pfaff – Germany).


. Electric, Pneumatic, chain and hand lever hoists.
. Tigrip Load hoisting tackle and crane weighers.
. Hydraulic jacks and tools.
. Load moving equipments.
. Electric stackers, Iifting tables and pallet trucks.





The wonderful benefits that you obtain when the electrical panel energy saving – KVAR
is installed:-

* Reducing the needed electricity to operate inductive loads weight (all kinds of engines).
* Empowering and strengthen the capacity of the existing electric system.
* Regulating the electricity and limiting the side effects of the unexpected increasing of the
* Protection of the sensitive electronic appliances.
* Reducing the harmful effects of the electrical disturbance and electromagnetic emission.
* Effective usage of electricity during its communication to the network.
* It helps on regulating the volts.
* Increasing the percentage of the power factor (the unit of measuring the efficiency of the
   electric appliances).
* Reducing the temperature which results in increasing the life expectancy of the electric
* Reducing the costs and decreasing the electric bill.





The Official Distributor for all Marina Platforms & Scaffolding Co. Products Specialized in Distinct Manual & Electric Mobile Cradles, Metal Scaffolds, Hydraulic Scissors Lifts, Goods & Personal Lifts and Telescopic & Articulated Aerial platforms.