Moisture analyzers, highest accuracy



Moisture is a key quality characteristic and process parameter when it comes to processing food and feedstuffs, chemical, pharmaceutical and mineral substances etc.


High measuring throughput
Whereas conventional lab-based moisture measuring methods such as drying balances, drying kilns or semi-micro titration will return accurate results if handled correctly, they will also take at least a couple of minutes or, with some products, several hours before they do. These measuring methods will be disregarded whenever a continuous stream of accurate results is required for process or quality control. The microwave resonance method developed by TEWS Elektronik delivers results within a fraction of a second with the total measuring speed peaking at more than 100 readings per second. This will be enough to analyze even quickly flowing products.





Insensitive to interference
There are various methods of online moisture measuring to choose from. When selecting a measuring system for a particular application you should, however, check that sensor readings are not corrupted by varying product properties (e.g. density, color, graining, surface drying) or ambient conditions at the measuring point (dust, different piling heights). The moisture measuring systems supplied by TEWS Elektronik excel in being entirely insensitive to such interference due to the measuring method they deploy.

Practical equipment
Just like the units for laboratory use, the process measuring unit, too, are made with tough industry environments in mind. MW 4200-series units optionally come in a compact housing equipped with a 24V power supply for cabinet or tie-bar installation, for example. Variants with special explosion protection are available for use areas where there is a risk of explosion. They feature a complete set of standard interfaces for sensor value output, the transfer of control signals or for communication with top-level control units. MW 4200-series process measuring systems accept all sensors from our Blueline® model range.



Touch screen and PC operation
Online measuring unit MW 4270 has a color touch screen monitor which keeps results at hand at the very measuring point and allows you to change all configuration settings straight at the unit. MW 4260 has a 4-line LC display for showing the sensor readings. If settings need to be modified on-site you can do so using the built-in controls. To enhance the possibilities of the unit, simply connect MW 4260 to a PC and run the software TEWS Moisture View included in the package.



Standard interfaces of MW 4200 process measuring units:

  • Serial RS 422 (PC,PLC etc.)
  • Serial RS 232 (modem, service)
  • Ethernet
  • 1 analog input (0/4-20mA)
  • 3 analog outputs (0/4-20mA)
  • 8 no potential digital inputs
  • 8 no potential digital outputs
  • Automatic sensor detection